365 Project

365 Project

In order to push my limits and force me to learn everything I can about my new Pentax K-30, I decided this is the year I will do a 365 project. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them!



Angry Sky Eyes

Day 1 Feb 4: Angry Sky Eyes
Driving home from work, I was completely entranced by the storm clouds moving in to our area. One set in particular reminded me of scary eyes from a horror movie. I waited until I was off the interstate and found a good place to pull over and snap a few pictures from the safety of my car.
Settings: 1/800 @ f/11, 400 iso, 42.5mm

My Doggy Vinnie

Day 2 Feb 5: My Doggy Vinnie
It got to be 10 pm and I realized I had not shot one picture yet. As I was tired and only had 2 hours left before I blew the whole 365 concept, I pushed my dog out the door and commanded him to pose. He is the world’s worst doggy model. He was easily distracted by his toy chicken, the cows across the street mooing, and me playing with my camera. This was one of the middle shots, where he was staying the most still.
Settings: 1/160 @ f/11, 3200iso (auto), 23.13mm, with flash

Birthday Petals 1

Day 3 Feb 6: Birthday Petals 1
I had probably the best day-after-birthday ever. One of my higher ups sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Savannah’s Garden on the Square. They made perfect subjects for my 365 shots. A photog friend of mine has been convincing me that our Pentaxs can handle much higher iso than I’ve been giving credit, and since I hate using a flash, decided to try it with these flower shots. There is a bit of grain with them, but I still like them.
Settings: 1/160 @ f/5.6, 1600iso, 55mm


Day 3 Feb 6: Birthday Petals 2
Settings: 1/125 @ f/5.6, 2500 iso, 35 mm

On the Job

Day 4 Feb 7: On the Job
One of the biggest uses of my camera is for my real, paying job. I take a lot of candid shots of my boss at her events. Just so happened, she was in the office to do a massive book signing. I stood in a far corner of the room, held the camera above my head, and shot using the “live view” function. I still didn’t capture all the piles of books waiting to be signed, but with over 7,100 likes on her Facebook page, it turned out to be a pretty successful picture.
Settings: 1/125 @ f/5.6, 18mm, 3200, with flash

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